What is "Oikos"?
Oikos is a Greek word that simple means: "A spiritual House or living quarters for one or more families". 1 Peter 2:5

As a church we are part of the family of God, brothers and sisters living life together.  By doing this we are fulfilling the "Great Commission" of going into all the world and making disciples of all nations.  This commission starts in the home or "Oikos."

To go and make disciples means that we first must be disciples ourselves.
Along with our small groups, this page is for our church family to use as a resource for becoming disciples.

One of our goals at Open Doors Christian Fellowship is to provide our church family with discipleship resources, which is why we're giving all of our church family access to RightNow Media!
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How to Read the Bible!

One of the biggest struggles Christians face today is learning how to read the Bible on their own.  As a church, we wanted to provide you with a resource that will help your Bible reading at home.  "How to Read the Bible" on RightNow Media offers simple explanatory guides for each book of the Bible and Open Doors Christian Fellowship has given you FREE access!